Who We Are ?

Our Mission

GV Developments is committed to establish strong, stable and successful communities with life-lasting bonds. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality and latest technologies within our developments all over Egypt. Therefore, enriching people’s lives and aspirations, contributing to a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

GV Developments sharpens its vision to bring alive its client’s aspiration of ultimate living with high-quality residential, leisure, and commercial developments. Focusing on the social, economic, and environmental welfare; providing an unmatched real estate experience.


Our Development Approach

  • – Strong Consortium of Expertise
  • – Mixed & Flexible Land Use
  • – Foundational Growth Plan
  • – Creation of Public Realms
  • – Secured Return On Investment
  • – Health-Oriented Planning
  • – Structured Services Platform
  • – Digital Community
  • – Integrated & Sustainable Development
  • – Innovative Solutions
  • – Society-Centric Concept
  • – Virtual Implementation

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to create a safe investment opportunity within an integrated sustainable community creating a positive impact today to shape a flourishing tomorrow. We continue to push the boundaries of real estate development to create not only vibrant and living communities, but also achieve a mix of pulsating and quality communities that add value to our customers, our partners, the society we live in, and the economic prosperity of our country.

Story Behind The Logo

The Emblem

Original Fatimi Cairo with its own 8 Gates was considered a “Gated Community” Closed by night fall and opened by sunrise each day these 8 gates grew their own parallel history alongside Cairo’s 1000 years. Old Souqs, Victorious Parades and Key moments of the city’s history witnessed by them, they are the link between civilizations, cultures, habits and history. And here we are at GV Developments Taking the mantel by expanding the walls and creating our own gateways to new cities, cultures and communities with different perspective.