GV Developments breaks through real estate market

GV Developments breaks through real estate market

Poised to be Egypt’s most powerful new real estate developer, GV Developments has entered the Egyptian real estate market with an impressive selection of projects and services. Launched in collaboration with the number of high-profile names in the business, the company’s Stronger Than Ever campaign has taken Cairo by storm, bringing to light the developer’s capabilities in full force.

Mr Sherif Hamouda, founder and vice chairman of the board of directors of GV Developments, has recently announced the company’s latest grand developmental project located at the North Coast’s 35th Kilometer. Set to be a game changer in Alexandria’s real estate landscape, the project aims to offer an elevated standard of living, and is a continuation of the company’s efforts to transform the 100 kilometre stretch between the cities of Alexandria and New Alamein for the betterment of the Egyptian citizen’s quality of life.

GV Developments’ efforts to elevate Egypt’s North Coast are already perfectly exemplified by its latest development: White Sand. Situated on the North Coast’s 75th Kilometer, this sunny 186-fedan city by the sea features a wealth of upscale facilities and benefits for the Egyptian family. This includes a beautiful 750 metre beachfront featuring seaside pools and active sporting areas; over 22 pools and brilliant water features throughout; a five star luxury hotel; the biggest commercial mall in all of the North Coast; a diverse and fully integrated wellness resort; and a healthy product mix featuring a range of townhouses, twin houses, penthouses and apartments. All available to the Egyptian consumer with an exclusive 10-year payment plan.

“GV Developments is dedicated to setting the foundations for our new vision that aligns with the government’s strategy to boost real estate in wider geographic regions. We are planning to transform the Delta Governorates in addition to our Cairo expansions, and are considering other projects in the North Coast in the first 100km after Alex Governorate as this area lacks proper services.” Said Mr. Sherif Hamouda on the future of GV Developments.

Why should you choose GV Developments as your guide to prime real estate among a sea of seemingly similar competition? A few key reasons separate us from the rest:

-GV Developments has a keen focus on enriching Egypt’s historic and promising regions with an elevated quality of service, living, infrastructure and accessibility.

-GV Developments puts its clients at the forefront of its business with innovation and expertise in mind with a diverse mix of residential, retail, commercial and industrial projects.

-GV Developments’ leadership, workforce and clientele have a shared interest in turning ideal vision into livable reality. Regardless of the conditions imposed by both global and regional economies.

-GV Developments is, above all, Egypt’s developer. The betterment of the Egyptian family’s lifestyle lies at the center of all of its decisions, dealings and daily endeavors.

“My advice to potential buyers is to choose a serious developer with the right location, the right product, and the project that will provide the facilities they deserve. Always watch the horizon for a prosperous future”, Sherif Hamouda said.

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