GV Developments

Who we are ?

GV Developments launched in mid-2019 spearheading the real-estate market with its visionary approach and biggest land bank in Egypt. Crafting the principles for valued communities; GV Developments focuses on fostering a that supplements the supreme quality developed around its career focus. GV Developments aims to reflect positively towards the booming of the Egyptian economy through its positioning as one of the largest land bank developers offering huge scale projects and safe investments across Egypt within its platforms. GV Developments management determines to share their expertise to reflect their goal in developing a balance between quality and innovation throughout its multiple projects across Egypt

GV Group

GV Developments is one of the entities that fall under GV GROUP, an investment company working in diverse sectors of the Egyptian Market. Through it’s different sectors, projects, & expertise GV Group has achieved Smart, Livable, Industrial, & Green assets and businesses. Today the group builds on this expertise to grow our business endeavors, for our clients and for our community.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to create a safe investment opportunity within an integrated sustainable community creating a positive impact today to shape a flourishing tomorrow. We continue to push the boundaries of real estate development to create not only vibrant and living communities, but also achieve a mix of pulsating and quality communities that add value to our customers, our partners, the society we live in, and the economic prosperity of our country.

Story Behind The Logo

The Emblem

Original Fatimi Cairo with its own 8 Gates was considered a “Gated Community” Closed by night fall and opened by sunrise each day these 8 gates grew their own parallel history alongside Cairo’s 1000 years. Old Souqs, Victorious Parades and Key moments of the city’s history witnessed by them, they are the link between civilizations, cultures, habits and history. And here we are at GV Developments Taking the mantel by expanding the walls and creating our own gateways to new cities, cultures and communities with different perspective.