GV Developments, a founding subsidiary of GV Investment Group, launched in 2019, with the goal of spearheading the real estate market in Egypt.

With its visionary approach of “Unearthing Egypt’s Hidden Treasure”, and a diversified land bank that covers a plethora of locations spread out across the nation, GV Developments is setting the pace to position itself as a leader in its field.

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GV Group

GV Group is a conglomerate of companies, operating in Egypt under the name of GV Investment Group.
A diversified portfolio of long-established entities joined forces in 2019 to create a business brand deeply rooted in the Egyptian society, with a well established understanding of the market trends and needs.
Founded on the vision of “Developing for the Nation”, this pivotal pillar of GV is our exponential drive towards a sustainable future.

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The Largest Land Bank
in Egypt

Focused on sustainable Developments


Our Commitment

Our commitment is to create a safe investment opportunity within an integrated sustainable community creating a positive impact today to shape a flourishing tomorrow. We continue to push the boundaries of real estate development to create not only vibrant and living communities, but also achieve a mix of pulsating and quality communities that add value to our customers, our partners, the society we live in, and the economic prosperity of our country.

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