Developing Cities in the New Era

As the world turns a new page to face newly re-calibrated realities, developers are experiencing an “awakening” in their approach to concepts and designs, and adapting them to a society demanding a different set of priorities.
GV Developments is setting itself at the forefront of this re-emerging era, forward planning and encompassing the elements of future urban development. 

We are at a
Crossroads in history

This is the age of Integrated Developments, this is the time for the flexible use of land; to build towns and cities that mirrors the needs of our times.
Building homes to accommodate work and family alike, office buildings that respect under-crowding and facilitate work cycle, and the creation of public realms as the needs expand for outdoor personal space.


Conceived to be a Main player in the Egyptian real estate market, with a progressive growth plan, investing in its team of experienced professionals, who use innovation and technology to develop landmark sustainable projects with secured investments and exponential ROI, whilst preserving and improving the fabric of the environment.


Established to be one of the most Reliable Developers, creating Competitive, Integrated & Efficient Developments for this New Era.

Our Development Approach

Strong Consortium of Expertise
Foundational Growth Plan
Secured Return On Investment
Structured Services Platform
Integrated & Sustainable Development
Society-Centric Concept

Mixed & Flexible Land Use  
Creation of Public Realms
Health Oriented Planning
Digital Community
Innovative Solutions
Virtual Implementation 

Sharing Our Vision

We envision achieving new milestones, and reaching new frontiers in Urban Development, following in the footsteps of visionary architects, designers and planners who put “Building Societies” at the forefront of their priorities.

We invite you onboard this success journey towards this shared vision.  

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